Art Work

Size 8.5″
x 11″


is a status Gitksan native artist (Gitanmaax
Band – Hazelton, BC, Canada) who expresses himself in acrylic,
pen and ink, and photographic mediums. Michael’s has lived
in Victoria for ten years and has been doing art for 11
years. Michael’s prints are sold in a number of native galleries
in British Columbia.


The Corner”
is a limited edition print reproduced
here exclusively with the permission of the artist, Michael
Blackstock. The artist donated the original to the VHES.
“At The
Corner” brings the viewer to the street level, into a
world often ignored. The juxtaposition of the street people
and the capucinno place emphasizes the inequities of
our society. The man laying on the sidewalk is almost a part
of the street, dissolving into the scene as if no one even
notices his presence anymore.
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We invite you to view the work of this talented artist and to purchase some of his works to grace your home.
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