Mission Statement

The Victoria Human Exchange Society
Expanded Mission Statement


To encourage an exchange of life’s gifts between persons in different circumstances of life so as to lessen the gap between the “haves” and the “have-nots” in our communities, in a spirit of unconditional respect and with a view to personal enrichment.


The Victoria Human Exchange Society is a grass roots group based on human solidarity. It is simply a partnership of human beings – all with gifts, weaknesses and addictions – supporting one another and growing together towards a healthier community.


  • To promote and support shelters and family type housing for homeless persons.
  • To provide advocacy and support to marginalized persons who are working to solve their own legal, health, educational, employment and social problems.
  • To assist families to improve their ability to nurture and support each other, arranging for therapy and / or counselling when requested.
  • To include marginalized persons in the decision making capacity of the Society, and to support initiatives which they themselves identify, thus enabling the growth of self-esteem and self-direction.
  • To network with downtown Agencies, City Social Planners, Churches, Social Service agencies and Government Ministries, without detriment to the grass roots nature of the Human Exchange.


All people involved in this exchange of gifts enjoy:

the right to privacy and confidentiality

the right to respect for themselves and for their property and belongings

the right to have their beliefs and choices respected

The emphasis is on supportive relationships rather than control.

Either partner in the exchange may choose to terminate the arrangement for sufficient reason, and be perfectly free to do so, without loss of respect or regard.

All activities of the Human Exchange are non sectarian, non political and administered by volunteers.