Sad news

The VHES has served homeless people since 1992. But recently funds have not been sufficient to keep the 6 houses going. Therefore other groups have taken over the Houses or they have been sold. The Umbrella Society has taken over one House in Victoria and one in Sidney and the Saltspring Land Bank Society has [...]

Resignation and memories…

Dear Members of the VHES Board of Directors,

After a quarter of a century I need to resign from the Society as it has become too stressful to cope, together with bringing up the 2 teenage grandchildren who I took into my home in 2005.

Before my husband died in 2003, I used to visit [...]

Thanks from Grandmas House on SSI

Thanks for everything at the house! It’s been a great blessing to be here since the end of November. Until then, I’d been living in a tent and was seriously considering insulating it since it was extremely cold, wet, and I couldn’t find housing otherwise. So glad I met Jordan and he got me [...]

Annual General Meeting is Sat. May 28th at noon

Only a week until we see each other at our Annual General Meeting at Chown Place Hall, 3060 Harriet Rd..if possible please bring some finger food and a small unwrapped gift for the gift table.

Park on the road please. Or take bus along Harriet Rd to Chown Place lane

See you all there!

Generous donations received!

In answer to an appeal for funds, we have received generous donations from St Patrick’s school, through Outreach Co-ordinator, Janette Redchurch, who sent the proceeds from a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Breakfast at the school. We are grateful to the students and teachers and also the Knights of Columbus who donated the ingredients and served the [...]

A very grateful person..

“My name is Genevieve P. and I would like to express my gratitude to VHES. I was a mess and drug addict for 25 years, in jail then living on the streets for 4 years. I first came into the house 3 years ago. I had just got out of jail and shortly thereafter broke [...]

New letters of support

From Scott who is leaving our Sidney House for men:

“I recently had the privilege of being accepted into the transitional housing program. This opportunity came at a time when I was struggling with mental illness and recovering from a relapse with my addiction issues.

The move to this temporary home with the fellowship & [...]

September Report from Nanaimo Branch

As always things have been very hectic here in Nanaimo. With the closing of Esther’s house, preparing the house to return it to the landlord. We were very generous in leaving all the window coverings as they were custom made for the house. We also left a lot of Craig’s tomato plants as [...]

Latest Report from Nanaimo Branch–A new house must be found

It is with great sadness that we must close Esther’s House. Our lease has expired and the landlord had indicated he wants to sell. He then started showing the house to prospective renters asking $1800. per month, and it appears he will be renting again 1 room at a time. It will be sad if [...]

23rd Birthday/AGM report

An account of the recent very enjoyable Gathering can be found on the EVENTS page including the names of 2015-’16 Directors .

Jo-Anne Layton gave a thorough account of the Sooke entertainers.