Resignation and memories…

Dear Members of the VHES Board of Directors,

After a quarter of a century I need to resign from the Society as it has become too stressful to cope, together with bringing up the 2 teenage grandchildren who I took into my home in 2005.

Before my husband died in 2003, I used to visit the different houses and support the Facilitators. Charlie Pyott House, being set up with a government grant in 2001, required an enormous lot of paperwork. I lived in the small room near the bathroom upstairs while we were furnishing the house, going home week-ends to my supportive  husband on Mayne Island.

The Government rep in charge of the project (Supporting Community Partnership Initiative–SCPI) would fly over from Vancouver and meet with us in a Victoria office where we had to supply all the paperwork in triplicate. So that’s how the House began which is now becoming a women’s House.

Patti and Brian know all the tasks that others will need to do now I will not be around.

I wish you every success raising funds and taking the Society into the future,

With respect,

Patricia Fitzgerald

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