Thanks from Grandmas House on SSI

Thanks for everything at the house! It’s been a great blessing to be here since the end of November. Until then, I’d been living in a tent and was seriously considering insulating it since it was extremely cold, wet, and I couldn’t find housing otherwise. So glad I met Jordan and he got me in here. Just having access to the basics like laundry, a shower, and cooking facilities (a fridge!!) was like winning the lottery at the time. It’s been 6 months now and because of the stability here I”ve been able to keep a great job at Country Grocer. And having sold all my possessions over several months just to survive in Vancouver (after the business I worked for folded a year ago), I can finally say I’m rebuilding my life again. The house is great and the guys are great. I wouldn’t have thought that 5 guys who didn’t know each other beforehand and each have different struggles could get along so well, but we do….it’s a very supportive environment.
So thanks again, and thanks for the opportunity to give something back by helping facilitate things here.

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