New letters of support

From Scott who is leaving our Sidney House for men:

“I recently had the privilege of being accepted into the transitional housing program.
This opportunity came at a time when I was struggling with mental illness and recovering from a relapse with my addiction issues.

The move to this temporary home with the fellowship & support it offered was a key part in my taking control of my life back & finding my way out of a dark place. From the moment that I arrived I was made to feel welcome by the house liaison as well as the other household members. It was but a short time before I felt like I was ready to try again; I believe that this was due to the safety & the sobriety that this house offered as well as the non-judgemental way in which I was treated.

All my thanks to everyone involved as I move back into life on life’s terms. Could not have done it without you!!                  Scott M.


As the facilitator of Judy Thomas House in Sidney, I would like to thank the society for where I am today. Arriving as a tenant 4 yrs ago, I was homeless, lost and struggling with addiction. I was given the chance to become close to my family again and seek out a normal and happy life that I did not have before.

Being able to become close to many of the women who have been through our house has been a great inspiration to myself and those close to me. Knowing where a lot of the ladies are coming from and the fears and struggles that they have had to deal with along the way, makes a relationship of trust and understanding an easier one for everyone.

Being given the opportunity to do this has given me more strength and encouragement than I would have received anywhere else in the time I have been here. I have had the opportunity to meet many great people who have helped through donations of items to those in need, or their time to lend a helping hand, or just a listening ear.

Knowing that there are still people out there willing to help others in need is a great feeling and being part of a society so willing to help change lives for the better is a great gift. This is a gift I have been given from the Victoria Human Exchange Society xoxoxo

 Many  thanks, Erin B

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