September Report from Nanaimo Branch

As always things have been very hectic here in Nanaimo. With the closing of Esther’s house, preparing the house to return it to the landlord. We were very generous in leaving all the window coverings as they were custom made for the house. We also left a lot of Craig’s tomato plants as it was to difficult to move them without damage.

It took 4 days to remove all outdoor stuff that needed to go to the dump, empty the house and scrub it top to bottom including the walls.

When the landlord came to take possession he pointed out that there were a few issues. I reminded him that the repairs made by his handyman were the reason the house had a perfectly square hole in the wall on the stairs and a mouldy front of the upstairs shower. I also made a point of pointing out some pretty serious issues in the house so he is aware that even though it is resented, these issues still need to be addressed. When I asked for our security deposit to be returned he started coming up with excuses, I explained that his property was in much better condition than we we took possession, with the furnace the sump pump and the curtains. He finally emailed the $600. To me without any further discussion.

Now all of the men are residing at Mary Gordon. At the time of the move we had 4 men living at Esther’s House. One moved out on his own, one went into assisted living and 2 went to Mary Gordon. Craig the facilitator of Esther’s house is now facilitator at Mar Gordon. The month before the move, our facilitator at Mary Gordon, Dave, relapsed. He is working hard to get his 90 days so he can come back. He knows he cannot return as facilitator.

I am still working very hard trying to get my home ready for sale, Debi is still not well enough to do physical work, Mark is working 2 jobs, Bonnie is working 3 jobs at the moments so now is just not a good time to try to find a second house. I am also trying to get ready for my trip in early October for 10 days.

So that’s where we are at, I am hoping to find time to get out a purchase things for house meals together since we have been to busy to do that either.

The one issue we had is 2 of our cable boxes were taken for Mary Gordon. These cost $150. Each to replace, and can be purchased refurbished for $50. At London drugs. Has this issue come up in Victoria in the past?

Well that’s about it for here. Hope things

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