Latest Report from Nanaimo Branch–A new house must be found

It is with great sadness that we must close Esther’s House. Our lease has
expired and the landlord had indicated he wants to sell. He then started
showing the house to prospective renters asking $1800. per month, and it
appears he will be renting again 1 room at a time. It will be sad if the house
reverts back to the drug house it once was.

We have not yet been able to find another house that will meet our needs.
Since there are only 4 men currently living at Esther’s House and only 3 of
them will require housing, there are 3 rooms at Mary Gordon. So the plan is
to move them all to Mary Gordon and fill that house. We plan to move them
over this month to allow us time to clean and prepare the house for return
to Michael. The 4th tenant at Esther’s requires a different living
environment due to his limitations. I am working with him to find someplace
for him to go. He is aware of time lines.

I’m afraid that David, our facilitator at Mary Gordon relapsed at 18 months
sobriety, so he will no longer be the facilitator, Craig will take over that
position once he moves over. Due to David’s medical issues and the
conflicting information he is receiving from his doctor and psychiatrist, we
chose to allow David to remain in the house at this time, should there be
any further issues he will have to go. His doctor was telling him he needed
to get back into the work force, and his psychiatrist saying he is not ready.
David has gotten many jobs over the past year, but has had to quit them all
due to his inability to cope.

I will be contacting Hydro, Fortis & Telus to have accounts terminated by
months end. I will also be contacting the city and the RCMP to advise we
will no longer be in control of that house. So if problems begin they will
know where to look.

Mark and Debi have completed their move. Debi hurt her back in the
process. They are still unpacking and getting settled in. That is why I am
doing the books this month. Bonnie S is working 2 jobs, so doesn’t reallyhave any extra time. Bonnie C just got married and due to her vision,  is limited in her abilities. I am still working on my house, was hoping to have it ready to list August 1st but still lots to do.  Colin has been working long hours repairing the deck, it turned out to be a much bigger project than he anticipated. I continue to paint the outside of the house a little at a time, and do a little packing in between. Also lots of doctor appointments to get my papers in order for long term disability.

We have had several men looking for housing but due to the upcoming loss
we won’t be able to help them at this time. With all of us being so stretched
maybe this is a blessing in disguise. What ever it is we will roll with it for the
time being and see where it goes. So that’s us for now

Oh one other thing, please in the future only give out my cell
number, not my home. Cell is 250-668-4676. That’s all folks!

Debbie Scott.

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