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Thank you VHES for the opportunity to find hope again.  Without the availability of the resources provided through VHES life would continue to be a struggle.  Since moving in I have been able to clear my body of substances which negatively impacted my life.  I have also been able to progress to the point of enrolling/registering as a student at Camosun College, classes begin January 6th!  A renewed sense of worth and value has replaced the seething wax twine ball of confused emotion that once was.  Again, I thank you.

Thank You!


my name is Richard and I am the “new” tenant at Frances Thibeau house here in Sidney. .

I just wanted to thank you all so very much for the opportunity to stay here and help me to transition into society once again. Over the past years I have been through a serious depression which culminated into checking myself into the hospital earlier this year. Knowing only too well how depression can  turn into addiction,  I have found a lot of help and the most gracious of aid to me was being able to move to Sidney and live in this house.   I had been living in the salvation army for the past 6 years , working fulltime and paying my own way, surrounded by drugs, booze, thievery , fights, and almost any kind of trouble you can imagine. .To leave that behind has been one of the most healing things that has happened to me in years. The tranquility of this community and the peace I find within this house has been miraculous in my mind.

I just wanted to let you know what a change you are making in my life, even the civility of people on the street, and the good cheer, I had forgotten what that felt like. So with sincere  appreciation for this opportunity… I wish you and all in VHES–

happy holidays and a wonderful new year



My name is Brian Smith and I facilitate one of the houses in Victoria for the Human Exchange Society.

Words cannot truly describe how many men owe their lives to these houses! They offer someone who has had struggles of many varieties including addiction, institutions and mental health issues to have a safe place to call home while they regain control of their lives.

Without these houses and the amazing board members a lot of really good people would probably lose hope, so whatever you can give to VHES to help with their amazing work would be truly appreciated.


B. Smith

722 Pine St



It is with heartfelt appreciation to the Victoria Human Exchange Society for accepting me here in my greatest time of need. Coming from an abusive relationship of many years to the peace and safety of a VHES House has left me ever more grateful than words can express.


    With severe arthritis in one hip, I arrived and was very fearful of what life had left to offer me. Within a couple of months from my arrival I was diagnosed with medical issues that landed me in RJH only to realize that I have severe heart issues and over a series of doctor visits and tests have determined this is an ongoing issue I have no control over.  It is very frightening and the other women in the house have been kind and helpful as I try to do my best to help out where I can, feeling very frail for a better part of the time.


I am in the process of getting disability assistance but suffer also from social anxiety which makes it difficult some days to deal with the things in life that others find the norm.


       Had it not been for VHES I don’t think I would be around today as I was looking at living in my car at 60 years old before finding a warm bed, warm hearts and patience while finding my way back to some form of health and happiness. I have been able to connect with my son recently , and for that am ever grateful.


 L M.






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