Esthers Dream Foundation Mini Grant received

June 27th 2014:
Very good news in the mail today. The promised Esther’s Dream Mini Grant has arrived and been deposited. .now we can pay some of the very large utility bills that we could not cope with previously.
However, $10,000. does not last long so we  need to keep fundraising and asking individuals and agencies to remember the men and women in our 7 houses who are trying to move on in their lives, by finding employment and permanent Housing and dealing positively with disabilities..
Dear Sr. Marguerite,
Our joy and gratitude are immense today since we are in receipt of the Esther’s Dream Mini grant of $10,000. which will enable us to pay bills otherwise too large for our resources.
The men and women residing in our houses are very grateful to the Foundation and to all the Sisters of St Ann for their loving care. As you instruct, we wil send a final report when the funds are spent including copies of receipts for expenses associated with the grant.
Thank you for your prayers and blessings.
Patricia M.Fitzgerald

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