22nd Birthday of the Society and AGM

Last Saturday, May 31st, 2014 we held our 22nd Birthday Celebration/AGM which was most enjoyable and interesting. Rose Henry spoke to us of all the justice issues she is involved in and reminded us that we hold our meeting on unceded Songhees and Esquimalt Land. She asked for us to please look out for abalone buttons for a blanket she is making. Jo-Anne presented her with a Drum to show our appreciation.

A …wonderful tribute was paid to Linda Mayo, our retiring chairperson, which we post here below. A vote was taken that gifted her with the VHES House computer as a sign of our appreciation of her 7 years of service..

Plates of finger food were left over and went to people who could not come, while the many gifts left over on the gift table will be taken to the Single Parent Resource Centre by Board member Frank Hollett. Stuffies of all kinds and sizes were collected and donated to the gift table by Gordon Pollard. Thank you Gordon!

A cake featuring the Apple Tree and houses was donated by Thrifty Foods and the other finger foods were contributed by Cobs Bread, Country Grocer and Deidre and Patti at Chown Place.

Watch for more details of our enjoyable Meeting in future postings..and photos!
Tribute to Linda:
To Linda Mayo,

~ We wish to take this opportunity to Thank You for the seven years you have committed yourself as Facilitator & Board Chairperson of our society. You were there always – for both the guys & gals – helping them to redirect their lives in more positive ways. Your words & actions have helped so many – and your help with the important aspect of aftercare to our residents has been priceless.

We wish you unlimited success in your future endeavors. As a caring society, the Victoria Human Exchange Society will always have great love and respect for you. Therefore, please accept our sincere Best Wishes ~ We Thank You more than words can express.

Love, Sweat & Tears ~
Not a lot of people hang in there for 7 years!

God Bless You for your valiant efforts, Linda,

The Victoria Human Exchange Society Board & Members

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