Report from Judy Thomas House – Sidney

May 16, 2014:
Report from our women’s house in Sidney:
” Things are running smoothly at Judy Thomas house. Always good to have a full house. J. is getting to AA meetings everyday and keeping busy looking for employment and housing.
L. has a problem with a bad hip and unable to get involved in yard work, she is actively seeking affordable housing.
Gen. has come back to us as the elderly gentleman she was helping out was paralized and had issues that could only be tended to in assisted living. She had saved up some of the money that she made in caring for him and generously paid for a dump run to get rid of items that were taking up space in the bsmt and hard to get rid of. She has been attending a comp program at Beacon Services. She also borrowed a gas mower from a lady who she lived next door to, and Gen., J. and myself have managed to keep up the yard.
Still looking for a gas mower that we can keep permanently if any one knows of one.
I always like to thank Jeanette and Sandy Santarelli for being awesome landlords, giving low rent to help the society and taking care of anything that needs fixing. Thank you Sandy for maintenance tasks.
I would also like to add how grateful the girls are that VHES has been here to help them. Thank you also from myself for having a safe affordable environment.
Erin B “

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