URGENT! Funding crisis..

We are facing another funding crisis. One of our landlords’ rents bounced today..

Causes: Lack of Income from occupants’ rents:

1. the Ministry rents are so slow coming in due to closing of offices/less staff;
2. Some self employed individuals cannot pay until the middle of the month;
3. Mistakes are made–rents sent to wrong address/bank account.

The crisis is also due to
1. Lack of funding from Federal government, since the government priority is to fund permanent and not transitional-type housing
2. Lack of donations at the present time.

Please be generous and help us to keep people housed instead of leaving them on the street when they want to move on in their lives but cannot find permanent housing as yet.
Send donations to:
Box 8534
Victoria BC
V8W 3S1
or go to the Canada Helps button on our web-site:  https://www.canadahelps.org/dn/14614

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