Letter of support from Paul Redchurch

To Whom it May Concern,

For over fifty years, I have lived, worked and been an active member of both the professional and volunteer communities of Greater Victoria – using my time, talents and limited financial resources to help youth and less-fortunate members of our society. Many of my support activities were and continue to be done in concert with my wife Eileen, our children and grandchildren.

My involvement with the Victoria Human Exchange Society started about fifteen years ago. Since then, I have advocated for the Society’s goals and for its clients – raising funds and community awareness regarding the need for safe, temporary housing, within a welcoming and supportive environment, for people in crisis. Unfortunately, all of my contributions and efforts are but a ‘drop-in-the bucket’ when it comes to addressing the actual need.

The purpose of this letter is to request that you consider whether or not you too might be able to offer some assistance – financial or otherwise – to support VHES and its dedicated volunteers and supporters in their collective mission of caring.

Regrettably, VHES doesn’t have the high profile of many worthy causes nor does it enjoy celebrity or media endorsement. The support which the Society does receive – moral, physical and financial – is due, in large part, to the dedication of its volunteer board and an eclectic group of community, church and individual sponsors who have opened their hearts and their wallets, in an attempt to address the need for crisis housing in the various communities where a VHES home has taken root. Recognition must also be given to those supportive landlords who have made their properties available at affordable prices.

I encourage you to consider how you might be able to assist the Victoria Human Exchange Society and those members of your community who are beneficiaries of the Society’s caring and sharing outreach program. Thank you for considering my request.

Paul Redchurch                                                                                                   Victoria BC                                                                                                                                          250-592-0456

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