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 It’s time to remind ourselves what a great movement ours is!!!    A movement to create a revolution–turn the world upside down and have the Powerless empowered and leading the way!

As one of many who saw the need to encourage the haves and the have nots to start sharing life’s gifts and to live as a ‘family of friends’. This idea took root on Valentines Day 1992 and that’s always a special day that we celebrate. Stephen Glanville gathered people from different circumstances of life who held a BBQ in the Fernwood (Victoria) Community Garden and dreamed up the Human Exchange of life’s gifts.

So it all began in a garden and around the sad death of Larry Baker, a street person.    Rev. Al Tysick was an early Board member of our Society, together with Art Rosette and Linda Jim.

We pledged to be grassroots and totally volunteer and to listen and support good ideas coming from the grassroots. Empowering the people at the bottom of the heap to do something to help themselves–and what was their first request?  A roof over our heads!  So the Houses began and grew. On Monday, 16th, we have the opening of Mary Gordon House (founding member now deceased) at our Nanaimo Branch–See reminders of dates and times:


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