We face a funding crisis–what can we do?

The VHES is facing a funding crisis!!! Funds we expected have been delayed and may not be available at all. When we are housing people and assisting them to move on to permanent housing, wouldn’t you think funds would be available–but government funds are all earmarked for permanent housing.

PLEASE support our VHES Share-a thon!! And our big 21st Birthday Party next Saturday..see below..

We do not want to have to close any more of our houses–Nancy Wigen House is no more– Can you contribute or ask those you know to give?

Either mail a gift to our Box number
Box 8534,
Victoria BC
V8W 3S1

or go to our web-site and use the Canada Helps button.

or (best choice): Come to our 21st Birthday Party on Sat June 8th at 1.00pm at Chown Place Hall–3057 Harriet Rd, meet our members and give there


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