Message from Stephen Glanville—to be admired but not imitated!

“So this is how it all happened. I had been having these chest pains for days if not weeks or months but they got really bad in the past 10 days or so but would eventually stop if I rested……but not that last time at home in my cabin……the pain just got worse and worse.

So, crazy me gathered his laundry up and drove off to the laundromat downtown thinking to himself the pain would be gone by the time I got there, but at the worst I was closer to the hospital if it was still bad. Of course, by that time I knew I was in Big trouble!!

I managed to get my laundry in the washing machine and got back in my car and drove to the Emergency, neatly parking my car in the parking lot!! ??

Needless to say, after nitroglycerine to bring my BP down from stroke level and other medications the staff had transferred my ECG results to RJ Cardiologist who determined that I was indeed having a heart attack……medium actually, not mild as I previously said trying to play it down!! 
Once I was stable, I was taken by BC Water Ambulance out of Sidney and Shwartz Bay from the Ganges Govt. Dock and then from Sidney to Royal Jubilee by road ambulance.

The silly part is that if I hadn’t decided to take my laundry into town I doubt if I would have had the nerve to drive to the emergency and probably too afraid to call an ambulance…
that would have been too embarrassing!!

I was still thinking to myself at the hospital that they could just fix me up in time to get my laundry in to the dryer before closing time……little did I know how close to final closing time I
actually was!!!


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