Poem written by James Orcey Stonechild RIP in 1992


No more tears do I cry

my heart has been stolen 

and now I want to die. 

This world is cruel my friend

       you will find 

here is no peace, for it is

         a state of mind. 

I search for my destiny far

                     and wide 

But I have this feeling it

         has found a place to hide. 

I rob, cheat, steal and lie 

ruthless man, they say am I.

they all ask me the reason why

all I can say is, I do it to get High. 

My friend if you could feel

what rips through my brain

                                                I am sure they would label

                                                                  me mentally insane.

Will I die a slow and

           agonizing death

Or will it be fast with

           a last breath..

                                                       No more tears will I ever cry

                                                         if you knew me my friend

                                                       That’s the reason why

                                                        people like me and you

                                                                               like to get                                                                                



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