Oct. 15th – Volunteer Position

We are looking for a woman who would be willing to live in a suite at our Nancy Wigen House on Salt Spring Island and facilitate the house, working with VHES representatives, and making sure that the guidelines are kept –Interviews will be conducted with interested women and if you have questions, please send an email to grandmas@saltspring.com. The Facilitator ‘job description’ will be sent to y

ou on request. This is not a paid position (VHES is an entirely volunteer group) but as with all our facilitators, there is low cost accommodation, with furnished room, and all utilities including internet supplied in return for a willingness to share gifts in order to give something back to the community. Some training will be provided especially in the area of conflict resolution. If person has a history of substance abuse, they must be solidly in recovery. Usual length of service, one year with review and possibility of renewal. ph: 250-920-5056

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